Chicago Audition- Star Wars: Episode VII” holding open casting calls

Leave the costumes at home, guys.

The two parts described in the casting notice are the lead roles in a “feature Disney film.” A rep for LucasFilm confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the parts are indeed for “Episode VII.” Given the ages and backgrounds of the parts, there is a possibility that the new characters could be descendants of some of the more familiar faces from the first and second trilogies, like Luke Sykwalker or Han Solo.

Casting directors are looking for a young woman, 17-18 years-old, who is “beautiful, smart and athletic.” The casting notice says that filmmakers are open to all ethnicities, inducing bi- and multi-racial, for the part of “Rachel,” most likely a code name.

According to the casting call, Rachel “was quite young when she lost her parents…Now 17, she has become street smart and strong.”


apply online here-  http://www.opencastingcall2013.com/

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