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Chicago: Arab Store Owner Allegedly Threw Pennies & Spit in Black Childs Face, Community Starts Boycott!

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Local community activists are asking their neighbors to boycott Valley of Jordan Food located at 1009 E. 53rd street in Chicago, IL because the store owners are allegedly disrespectful to people of color and the poor.  The people say,” the store owners are very disrespectful to people of color(bloodsuckers of the poor! they take our money out of the community and right back to their own)”

Raymond Wells on Facebook says, “Today I had the pleasure of meeting a very strong sister, who came out in the cold to protest the disrespect and mistreatment of her son at a convenient store.  See the young brother came into the store with penny’s to buy some candy and the Arab store owner threw the penny’s at him,  spit in his face and literally kicked him out of the store.  I’ll just say this, the police had to escort the store owner out of the store.

We will not tolerate the harm and disrespect of our woman and children anymore!! From no one”

It is very sad that the very people who patronize these businesses are being treated like animals.  These people work hard for their money and the fact that this child scraped up pennies to make a purchase only to get spit at in the face which caused and eye infection and have his pennies thrown at him is beyond disgraceful.

If this in fact true then #ShutEmDown!!!


Ear Hustle 411 will keep you posted as we are given more information!



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