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Chicago: African- Americans Protest Gateway News stand Inside The 95th & Dan Ryan Because Owners Allegedly Call Black Women B!t@hes & Hoes While They Shop

Gateway News Stand, Chicago, Middle Eastern, Disrepectful, Protest, African- Americans, Shut Em Down

Chicago has been in the news a lot lately for all  sorts of things, crime,  property taxes going up, red light speed traps, expenses which are causing people to hold their purse strings a little tighter these days.  You would think a store owners whose primary customers are 90% black  would treat them with some sense of dignity and respect.

Not so, apparently Gateway News Stand  located inside the 95th & Dan Ryan station owned by people of Middle Eastern Decent feels differently.  These men are accused of not having any respect for their customer particularly black women who are spending their hard-earned cash in their stores.

These Men are allegedly referring to black women as b!t@hes and Hoes as they shop in their establishment giving no regard for them.

A group of African-American men and women got together and started a protest in front of the News Stand chanting “SHUT EM DOWN”

One man on a microphone is heard saying, ” We’re not going to take this anymore, we have to have some dignity and pride in ourselves; we have to demand respect for our community and our women.”

This is the hashtag the these protesters want you to use. #ShutEmDownChicago

Check out the video below and let Ear Hustle 411 know how you feel.





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