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Chicago Activist Says “Mayor Rahm Emanuel Is Failing It’s Citizens And He Has To Go!!”

Ja'Mal Green

Photo Credit: FaceBook

Chicago activist Ja’Mal Green sat down with CNN to discuss the firing of Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

The residents of Chicago have been in an uproar about the murder of 17 year old Laquan McDonald at the hands of Police Officer Jason Van Dyke since a the release of the video footage of the incident which happened in October 2014.

Ja’mal said,

This is the mayor’s city, he is the CEO, If this was a corporation he would be fired.

You mean to tell me the Mayor who would be the CEO and the city council who would be the board of directors would approve a $5 million settlement during a re-election campaign without seeing the video. That does not say we are wrong, it says we have to keep the power.

If this was a corporation, stock holder will have the head of Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the job that he is doing; as resident of the city of Chicago, we are the stock holders. We are calling for new leadership and accountability; that does not begin or end with the firing of a superintendent. It starts with the mayor who is desperate to keep his power and the city council that is doing his bidding to also say in power.

Rahm Emanuel has to go!!!

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