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Check This Out: Teen’s Act Of Kindness For Homeless Man Goes Viral

Perhaps not all youth are lost in this interesting world that we live in.

A moving photo shared on Facebook by Officer Eric Gaines, who uses the pseudonym Jonathan A. Stormz, features a teen in Baltimore, praying over a homeless man. The picture, which was posted about a week ago, has gone viral with thousands of shares on social media as many are absolutely stunned online over the genuine act the teen acted on.

Photo Credit: Jonathan A.Stormz

Photo Credit: Jonathan A.Stormz

“It was a powerful moment,” Gaines told ABC News of the gesture. “Everyone who saw him in the area was moved.”

Gaines, a police officer for the University of Maryland, Baltimore, was on duty at the time. Gaines mentioned in his Facebook post that the teen was just passing by when he decided to walk over to the sleeping homeless man.

The teen then reached out to the homeless man to pray. Gaines told ABC News that he believes that the act was done out of the goodness of the teen’s heart since he almost missed the bus because of his prayer.

The officer said that the gesture made him optimistic, and he hopes that the teen won’t stop performing acts of kindness.

“This was an amazing sight!” Gaines wrote on Facebook. “I pray this kid becomes a leader amongst his peers, and continues on this path!!”

Source: HuffPost

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