Chad Johnson questions The Logic of monogamy’s Say’s He Still Loves Evelyn Lozada

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Chad Ochocinco Johnson admitted he still loves his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, who just had a baby by another man, but he knows he couldn’t give her what she wanted.

The former NFL baller said he never lied to Evelyn about the type of husband he would be, and that truth included his inability to be monogamous.

“Dealing with one woman…Let’s think rational. Let’s think logically. I don’t care how fine you are. Every fine woman you see, there’s a dude that’s tired of that same woman,” Chad recently told PeterBailey.com.

“I don’t care how fine you are, I’m going to lose interest,” said Chad whose marriage to the “Basketball Wives” star lasted fewer than two months.


“I didn’t make any critical errors because I always tell the truth from jump,” he said about his romantic past. “I’m not going to lie to you. Why sell you a dream?”

Chad said he’s learned from experience that he can only be the proverbial prince on the white horse for so long before the dream fades.

“There are men out there who are willing to give their all, that have the discipline to give them that storybook ending, that fairytale. I’m good for that for about a good six months,” he said.

Though he’s not sure he’s the commitment type, Chad said his feelings for Evelyn remain


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