The Cell Phone Hacker Strikes Again & The Latest Victim Is: Keke Palmer

The Fappening hackers have striked again and this time, they went after one of America’s sweethearts– Keke Palmer. Still Palmer is keeping her head high, only choosing to talk about her current projects.

  • Keke Palmer

The Fappening hackers have striked again and this time, they went after one of America’s sweethearts.

Late last night (Oct. 9), nude pictures of actress, talk show host and Broadway star Keke Palmer leaked on the Internet. In various photos, the 21-year-old triple threat can be seen without clothes on enjoying the privacy of what looks to be her room or hotel room.

Palmer, similar to the other famous targets, is extremely accomplished. She’s had quite an amazing year in her career, doing her best to gradually shake her kid-Nickelodeon-approved image. In the span of a few months, she became the first Black woman to play Cinderella on Broadway and the youngest talk show host when her show, “Just Keke” aired on BET, this summer.

Other hacked celebrities, including Gabrielle Union and Jennifer Lawrence, have spoken out against their own photos by releasing angry statements to the media almost immediately after it happened. Still, since Palmer’s leak, the “Cinderella” star has gone about her regular routine without addressing it.

In fact, she debuted a new video of her dancing to Ty Dolla $igns song, “Type of Sh*t I Hate” and promoted a new horror film she is in called, “Animal.”

Also, she is in the newest issue of Vanity Fair with her new shorter, more mature haircut and big smile. She discussed her decision to be on a Broadway, saying, Theater was something I always wanted to experience because I felt like it would it would really allow me to push myself.”


According to the BusinessInsider, Palmer is not alone in the nude leak scandal of the day. Users, over 100,000 of them, of the app Snapchat have reportedly been compromised, as well. Hopefully, this will push the FBI or a different organization will handle this soon.


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