Celebrity Panelists Bare Their Souls During The BET Experience Women, Wealth & Relationship Forum Hosted By MC Lyte

Over the past few days EarHustle411 Media Correspondent “SunShyne” spent time in Los Angeles during “LA Live” as part of the BET Experience. On Saturday, June 27th she made her way to the LA Convention Center to cover an amazing forum hosted by MC Lyte in connection with the Hip Hop Sisters Foundation and Moderated by financial guru Lynn Richardson.  The forum appropriately titled “Women, Wealth and Relationships” brought out some the entertainment’s best to participate in the forum.  Along with MC Lyte the panelists included Flex and Shanice (Wilson) Alexander, Nicci Gilbert (Brownstone), Elise Neal (Hollywood Divas), Lil Mama (Hip Hop Artist) and Darrin Dewitt Henson (Black Coffee) each one brought to the table a very unique aspect to the purpose of the forum.

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A very good question was raised to the panel was “would you date someone who made less money than you?” Shanice and Flex Alexander jumped right in and gave a detailed account of how they managed to handle one making more money than the other.  Shanice & Flex Alexander shared so much of themselves and were completely transparent with their financials troubles they both went through (well not so much Shanice prior to them getting married) .  Flex shared with the audience of how he was practically homeless but still managed to stay afloat because of his name.

Darrin Henson was very forthcoming and open about his experiences and what his desires are as it relates to relationships to the point where he was speaking truths about how it truly is for men and what they go through with women and money.   MC Lyte although comedic in her responses, she was opened to dating someone that did not have the wealth she has because she’s in it for love however she also does not want to dive into something that will not be beneficial for either party.  Lil Mama prefers her mate to be spiritually sound simply because when the mind and spirit are on the same page when the time comes to handle situations with money the transition should be not a major deal.

Elise Neal shared that her dealings with money are very different because she has a very strong support system and a financial advisor that does not play and when others may be spending money somewhat frivolously her team is watching out for her very closely.  Nicci Gilbert stated she was in a relationship with someone who was wealthy and for whatever reason they are no longer in a wealthy state but she stated she was lucky enough to marry her partner and soul mate and money was never an issue with either of them.  She’s seen relationships destroyed because the woman looked for a mate with an abundance of money.

All in all the Women, Wealth and Relationship Forum was very enlightening not to mention entertaining but the truth about finances and relationships are always touchy subjects however if both parties are equally yoked and in tune with each other, money would be the absolute least thing to be concerned about.

If anyone is interested in attending one of the forums the next one will be January 2, 2016 in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  It’s bound to be a very emotional and enlightening time.  Go to www.HipHopSisters.info for more detailed information.

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