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Cash Money Records Artist London On Da Track’s Mother Is Allegedly Out To Destroy R. Kelly After Being Terminated & Now Writing A Tell All Book

Cash Money Records Artist London On Da Track's Mother Is Allegedly Out To Destroy R. Kelly After Being Terminated & Now Writing A Tell All Book

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Sources have just revealed to Ear Hustle 411 that the current controversy with R. Kelly is unfounded and that Cheryl A. Mack the Mother of Producer, “London on the Track” signed to Cash Money has allegedly started a whirlwind of accusations against the singer, song writer and producer.

Mack Allegedly made startling allegations that R. Kelly is running an abusive cult holding young Teenaged women against their will and forcing them to eat, bathe, dress and how they engage in sexual encounters the way he wants them to and if they break the rules they are punished physically and verbally.

According to the source, the girls are required to obtain a healthy diet and lifestyle and they all allegedly agreed to the terms and condition of the agreement.  These women are of legal age and are not forced as Cheryl is alleged to have revealed to multiple media outlets.

The age of the women is 19 to 25 which makes them legal and consenting adults who are trained by a 31-year old Den Mother.  One of the girl’s parents knew of the lifestyle and allegedly allowed their daughter to continue to live with him anyway.

It’s even been reported that he takes their cell phones and make them cut off ties with friends and family. However, the source says, he did take their phones and gave them new phones in which he approved the people they could speak with. The alleged reason for this type of control was to protect himself from scrutiny and accusations.

The source also says that Cheryl was recently fired by R. Kelly and is seeking revenge and will destroy him at all cost. Khalil who is the unemployed boyfriend of Cheryl allegedly pressured her to take this story to the media in hopes of a big payout when she writes her tell all book called “Dirty Laundry“.

Photo Credit: Facebook

For those that don’t know about this type of lifestyle, check out the book or movie “50 Shades of Grey” as this is the typical lifestyle of some of the elite’s which is designed to protect themselves from bitter lovers.

According to Linda Mensch, Who is a Civil Lawyer In Chicago representing R. Kelly,  The story is unfounded.

Ear Hustle 411 has not reached out to Cheryl A. Mack to corroborate this the story but we are extending the opportunity for her to speak with us.  We will keep you posted if she reaches out to us.



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