Carl Payne AKA “Cole” Revealed That He & Martin Lawrence Didn’t Get Along

Carl Payne AKA Cole Reveals That He & Martin Lawrence Never Got Along

Carl Payne clears up a few rumors that’s taken legs of its own and made it around social media.  One rumor was that he was smashing “Love & Hip Hop” star Karlie Redd which he vehemently denies.  He says they go way back and are really good friends.

The other rumor was that he  was a car salesman and that he owned a car dealership again he denied owning a dealership but he did work as a salesman and he said he did it to see what it was to see what it was to work a regular 9 to 5 and he also used the commission to pay his bills.

Carl says Martin had problems with himself and was battling demons… He said it was a great place to work for a long time until a person crosses the line.  He said he could not pin point a direct reason however there was  a lot of intense days on the set yet they had incredible chemistry on the show very organic and they were like family.

He said enjoyed being on the show but the rumor were very true.


Check out the video below:

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