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Cardi B & Bruno Mars Went 90’s Style With ”FINESSE REMIX” (Official Music VIDEO) Which JUST DROPPED

Cardi B & Bruno Mars ”FINESSE REMIX" (Official Music VIDEO) JUST DROPPED

The 90’s were an era of dope colors, sounds, collaborations and overall great music.  The videos were fun, the dance moves were classically cool and the history is memorable.

Hip Hop darling, Cardi B and the legendary Bruno Mars have partnered on some new music which is taking the internet by storm.  They took it back 90’s style and embraced the culture.

The platinum selling artists are both on top of their game in the music industry and collaborated on a new single called “Finesse” which is sure to go platinum.

Let us know what you think, is it hot or not?


Check out the new song and video:


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