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Carded Because Of Appearance!! You Be The Judge!!!

On this episode of Earhustle411’s “You Be The Judge” we received correspondence from a gentleman about his unsavory experience at a restaurant in Indiana.  The Silver Buckle Saloon according to the experience of Mr. William Smith was less than stellar and as a matter was downright associated to color.  Looking at the establishments website (which does not have very much content) it appears that they have live music and mechanical bull riding.  Well in my opinion this interaction loaded with “bull”.

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After reading the correspondence from William Smith, I’d like to say that it is truly a shame that businesses feel the need to turn away  customers because of appearances.  What is really puzzling me is why the need for the police?  Before I continue let’s take a look at the correspondence we received:

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Now this situation is very interesting, here we have a customer obviously a black man and it appears he was denied service and because he was dressed a certain way.  It is quite clear the establishment did not want Mr. Smith’s patronage.  For the restaurant to serve people who are dressed in torn and tattered clothing but not to someone dressed neatly and prepared to spend money, that poses a problem for me.  The establishment’s Facebook page has a few unfavorable reviews regarding the situation and it also seems as though it is not always open during the hours in which they should be open for business. Amazing the Silver Buckle Saloon only responded to one of the reviews….interesting!!!  I guess their lack of response is their admission to the incident.

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Earhustle411 reached back out to Mr. Smith and asked a few questions about the incident and at the time of this post   the questions are still pending, upon receiving the information from our questions an update will be posted.  Earhustle411 wants you to be the judge, was this type of behavior really necessary and was it a racist move on the restaurant’s part?

Source: William Smith via Email


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