Canadian Police Officer Caught On Video Slapping A 12 Year Old Boy Who Cursed At Him

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A Canadian officer is caught on video slapping a 12 year old boy that cursed at him. Do you think the officer should be punish for this actions? Check out the video and the full story below and share your thoughts..

Via Vladtv

A video from Canada showing an Ontario police officer slapping an adolescent boy with a foul mouth has been going viral over the past several days.

During the 38 second long recording, a couple of Winnipeg cops confront a 12-year-old boy whose reckless behavior prompted his mother to call authorities on him. Not long after arriving and entering the apartment to deal with the disturbance, the video shows the leading officer being cursed out. “F**k you,” the boy tells him, as he begins to investigate.

The officer’s attempt at reminding the angry kid about their age difference proved to be a failure with each passing second. After insulting the cop with a couple of homophobic slurs, the boy gets sassy enough to ask: “What the f**k you looking at man?” That’s when the officer walks him down and strikes him in the face. “Show some f**king respect,” the officer responds. He and his partner then walk the boy out of the apartment. They would walk him up the street to give him a talk, before releasing him back to his mother.

Ontario’s Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) has reportedly charged the officer with assault, Police Chief Danny Smyth reportedly confirms

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