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Can Citizens Who Don’t Support Gay Marriage Be Ruined By Government Tactics?

gay marriage

The Left and the openly immoral use the tactics of thugs to intimidate others to their will.

Here is something from Gateway Pundit.

Washington Grandmother Set to Lose Home & Life’s Savings for Not Selling Flowers to Couple for Gay Wedding

Seventy year-old Barronelle Stutzman may lose her home and life’s saving for not selling flowers to couple for their gay wedding. Stutzman did refer the couple to a different shop but that was not enough.  [It never is.  Scratch a liberal or one of these immorality activists and you will find a fascist underneath.]

The court ruled recently that both the state and the same-sex couple may collect damages and attorneys’ fees not only from her business, but from Stutzman personally. [Because their goal is not just to attain their goals but to hurt everyone who disagrees so bad that no one will stand against their agenda.  Sounds like another group active in a certain part of the world.]

The Alliance Defending Freedom reported:

A state judge ruled Wednesday that Washington floral artist and grandmother Barronelle Stutzman must provide full support for wedding ceremonies that are contrary to her faith – a decision at odds with the views of most Americans according to a newAssociated Press-GfK poll. The court claims that Stutzman’s referral of a long-time customer to another business for floral design and support for a same-sex ceremony violated Washington law.

The court also ruled recently that both the state and the same-sex couple, who each filed lawsuits against her, may collect damages and attorneys’ fees not only from her business, but from Stutzman personally. That means the 70-year-old grandmother may not only lose her business, but also her home and savings because she lives her life and operates her business according to her beliefs.

“The message of these rulings is unmistakable: the government will bring about your personal and professional ruin if you don’t help celebrate same-sex marriage,” said ADF Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner, who argued before the court in December. “The two men had no problem getting the flowers they wanted. They received several offers for free flowers, and the marketplace gives them plenty of options. Laws that are supposed to prohibit discrimination might sound good, but the government has begun to use these laws to hurt people – to force them to conform and to silence and punish them if they don’t violate their religious beliefs on marriage.

That’s right.  If someone doesn’t agree with your position or agenda, sue him until he lives in a box under a bridge, crush him, bring him down, threaten him with more law suits, destroy his livelihood so that he can’t even buy groceries, take away his free-speech by bullying him into silence … just because you don’t like him.

Why not just put him in a camp?


Source: WDTPRS.com

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