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California Walmart Keeps All Hair Care Products Blacks Mostly Use Behind Lock And Key While All Other Products Are Readily Available

The things corporations do to protect their products isn’t all that uncommon especially in “urban” areas where primarily people of color reside.  EarHustle411 came across a video on Facebook posted by a woman in Lancaster, CA who expressed her feelings about the local Walmart locking up the hair care products that are mostly used by African-Americans while hair care products mostly used by people not of color aren’t put under lock and key.

Allaboutthegloss.com asks should people of color continue to spend their hard-earned money in places where they are treated like 3rd class citizens and not human beings.  Theft doesn’t just have a specific color or class of people there’s someone from every class of people that has been stealing.

Theft happens from the top of the government right down to the smallest city but yet all that’s seen are people of color being held accountable.

Shame on this Walmart location for singling our a specific class of people. Why not just stop blacks from shopping there? Oh wait…they can’t that’s discrimination.

Guess they don’t think locking up all the products primarily used by blacks isn’t either.

Take a look at the video and share your thoughts

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