California Man Records Sheriff Threatening To Create Fake Charges So He Can Arrest Him

Duncan Hicks

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A man name Duncan Hicks walks into a California police station to report a child custody issue and the Sheriff turns him away. Frustrated, Duncan Hicks  goes back to file the report again but decides to record the interaction between him and the Sheriff. Check out the full story and video below.

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If we’ve learned anything within the past few years, it’s always record any interaction you have with the police because you never know when it might come in handy.

Duncan Hicks used that knowledge for his own good when he went into the sheriff’s station in Victorville, California on January 20th and the deputy at the front desk started giving him a hard time.

Hicks wanted to report a child custody issue, but the deputy simply wasn’t taking him seriously. Instead of letting him file a report, he said, “You know, Duncan, you got baby mama drama,” and then told him to leave.

Hicks left, but then decided he was going to return and record their interaction.

The shocking (but then again, not really) video evidence showed the deputy threatening Hicks with fake charges and jail time.

“OK, Duncan,” the deputy said. “You know what, man? I am about getting tired of you, and you are about to go to jail, just so you know.”

Hicks, a 34-year-old Victorville resident, asked the deputy, “What am I going to jail for?”

“I’ll create something, you understand?” the deputy responds. “You’ll go to jail. You understand that?”

The sheriff’s department is currently conducting an administrative investigation in which they analyze all of Hick’s previous interactions with employees to ensure all previous contacts were professionally handled.

However, Hicks doesn’t feel too good about the whole thing and wants the deputy to be fired.

“Nobody should be treated differently,” Hicks said. “Their job is to protect and serve.”

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