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Busted!!! Have You Gotten A Call From The IRS Lately? Police Bust Phony IRS Call Centers In India

A police official, right, escorts two men outside the court in Thane, outskirts of Mumbai, India, Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. Indian police have arrested 70 people and are questioning hundreds more after uncovering a massive scam to cheat thousands of Americans out of millions of dollars by posing as U.S. tax authorities and demanding unpaid taxes. (AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade)

Police have busted the phony IRS call centers  in India suspected of defrauding U.S Citizens out of thousands of dollars while posing as legal IRS officials.

Have you gotten that phone call stating that you owe the IRS money yet the person on the other line can barely speak a word of English?  They are demanding you pay a tax bill that you don’t even owe.

These Indian scammers tricked many unsuspecting U.S citizens to purchase pre-paid debit cards to settle outstanding debts which are erroneous.

70 people were arrested and over 630 were released but further questioning are in order.

Per the Washington Post, as Americans are dealing with the IRS scam, there is another call center in a suburb of New Delhi, workers allegedly duped thousands of American citizens by offering to remove a virus from their computers, police said. On Sunday, police in Noida arrested six people for running a call center that sold insurance to Indians by day, but allegedly tricked American consumers by night with fake offers of tech support to correct malware and viruses.

You have to ask yourself, Did the U.S do a disservice to the American people when they shipped jobs to India which included personal information of U.S citizens??  Chime in and let Ear Hustle 411 know your thoughts?


Video Source: NBC News

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