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Bundy Ranchers Armed & Ready To Die Over Paying Land Taxes & Fees In Nevada

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Regrettably, but not surprisingly, there is a major showdown on the horizon set for tomorrow between citizen militia, and Obama’s feds. I cannot stress the seriousness of the situation with which we as Americans are now being pushed into enough!!! 

According to a whistleblower and former DHS Investigator, we DID have the assets to monitor the alleged shooters in San Bernardino, but by a directive from the President himself, counter terrorism efforts were specifically told to, “downplay the terrorism angle,” and focus on “right-wing extremists” and “white supremacist” groups, because according to Obama, THEY posed the biggest threat.

IF they pose a threat, it’s for two reasons: 1) Unlike most Americans, THEY actually KNOW their rights under the Constitution that Obama is trying to take, and they are willing to fight to protect them; and 2) Because Obama will NOT stop provoking them until he gets a fight. By “They” I am referring to “right-wing extremists.” Any crackdown taking place on vile hate groups I take no issue with. Remember the Obama motto:

By my estimates, an all out fire fight between feds and “right-wing radicals” (aka normal Americans tired of the inalienable rights given to them by God, and guaranteed to them in the Bill of Rights, being taken away by a government without the authority to do so) would classify as a major crisis for Obama to begin implementing a Draconian clamp down on the American people.

The email that follows came from Carol Bundy’s personal email address. There appears to be another Bundy Ranch style showdown taking form, and my purpose for sharing this is to bring light the bigger picture. Yesterday I posted, Army Not Prepping for Battle; Training For Riot Control and Martial Law.

In that post I reveal my fear about what I believe is happening. Obama has us trapped. If people do nothing, and do not stand up to Obama and his unconstitutional power grabs, it will be the equivalent of death by a 1000 paper cuts. Government will keep taking until we’re all like the boy in the film “Oliver” begging for food, “Please sir… I want some more…”

On the other hand, how many times can we stand up to the feds like was done at the Bundy Ranch before shots are fired? Below your will see two videos. The first one is the group pleading for you travel and join them in Oregon. The say, “Come prepared and be willing to stand.”

For anyone who needs an interpreter, that means, “LOCK AND LOAD.” Before people get some fool’s notion about a romantic sense of justice, or making a stand, be sure to watch the second video, and you’ll see there is nothing romantic about it. But for ONE man who intervened, a commoner with no training, and no dog in the fight, the BLM was given the green light (as you will hear from THEM PERSONALLY in the video), to fire on the American citizens.

The second video is a pulse pounding 7:00 minute ride that ends well… thank God. How many more showdowns like that before a shot is fired and all hell breaks lose?


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