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Happy Nifty 50 Slurpee: Bring Your Own Cup Day Is BACK At 7Eleven On March 18 And 19, 2016

Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned Slurpee? When it’s gone it just leaves you wanting more of its sugary sweet goodness.  It’s hard to believe that the iconic drink created back in 1966 has turned 50 years old. The luscious treat sold on 7Eleven stores right along side it’s predecessor ICEE on a non compete clause that allowed 7Eleven to sell the slushy drink.  The Slurpee name was created by a 7Eleven Agency Director named Bob Stanford, which was the sound a person made while drinking the drink.

With the drinks popularity, Slurpee has its own full length song called “Dance The Slurp” now mind you it may not be a Grammy nominated hit but the track was available for free on  45″ vinyl at 7Eleven sells for a cool $50 on Ebay.


photo credit 7Eleven

Check it out:

Slurpee is still going strong and show no signs of slowing down (except in situation of the occasional brain freeze) and with that being said EarHustle411 wishes Slurpee a very Happy Nifty 5o!!


On March 18th and 19th 7Eleven is going to be swamped with droves of people taking advantage of the Bring Your Own Cup Day.  Over the years the convenience store chain has posted photos of the many different containers customers has utilized to get more of their favorite Slurpee flavors.

For $1.50 and any size cup (within promo regulations) who wouldn’t want to grab a taste of this childhood favorite ice-cold beverage.  For more information about Bring Your Own Cup Day and the rules and regulations check out the Slurpee website


photo credit: 7Eleven

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