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Breaking News: Texas Bomber Suspect Blows Himself Up As Authorities Close In

Breaking News:  According to reports from law enforcement the suspect in the Austin bombings is dead.  The suspect according to reports killed himself by setting off a device while sitting in his vehicle.

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Read more as reported by CBS:

Photo Credit: SBGTV – WOAI-TV

The suspect in the spate of bombings in Austin, Texas is dead, CBS Austin affiliate KEYE-TV reports.

Austin police sources told the station his death followed an incident involving officers along I-35 in Round Rock, Texas.

Police were closing in on the suspect when he killed himself by detonating some sort of explosive device, according to the KEYE source.

I-35 was closed while a massive presence of law enforcement — including Austin Police, FBI, and ATF investigators — processed the scene, which apparently involved officers firing at the suspect.

Several helicopters were seen hovering overhead.
I-35 was expected to be closed for several hours during the investigation.

The five connected explosions killed two people and injured six others. They began on March 2nd.

Earlier, KEYE said it had obtained photos of the person investigators believe dropped off two suspicious packages Sunday. Investigators said he was a person of interest and that the two packages were connected to the string of explosions in the Texas capital.

The station said sources told it the U.S. Marshal’s Lone Star Fugitive Task Force – Austin Division – gathered the video and helped the lead agencies in the investigation get an idea where the person of interest might have been.

KEYE sources said the pictures were from surveillance video taken inside a South Austin FedEx Office store, where the person shipped the two packages. One of the two packages exploded on a conveyor belt at a FedEx sorting facility outside San Antonio, in Schertz. The second package was intercepted at a facility near the Austin airport.

The second suspicious package was being treated as if it could be a bomb, according to Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s office. Both packages originated from the same location.

The photos show the person, possibly wearing a wig and gloves, carrying two packages. According to time stamps on the pictures, the person was in the store around 7:30 Sunday evening.

Authorities believe the same person or persons were connected to the two packages that surfaced Tuesday and were also responsible for the four other explosions that began on March 2nd that killed two people and injured six.

A sixth unrelated explosion was reported Tuesday evening in South Austin, but Austin Police said it was from military memorabilia left at a Goodwill drop box.

Source: CBS

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