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Breaking News: Rapper Busta Rhymes Arrested For Assault At The New York Gym

Celebrities need to get over themselves. If an organization has a policy that says you cannot do a certain thing then that it that’s all. Wow!! This incident at a Gym in New York could have been prevented.  Now Busta might be facing more than having a record for assault.  The Gym employee now has grounds for a lawsuit and for what…because a celebrity could not have their way!!

Read more below as reported by Rolling Stone:


Busta Rhymes was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly throwing a protein drink at a gym employee’s head during an incident at a New York City gym on Wednesday night. Rhymes was released from custody early Thursday morning and ordered to appear in court on November 6th. The victim’s head was cut by the cardboard bottle, NBC News 4 reports, but they denied medical assistance. “It’s stupid,” Rhymes told reporters after his arrest.

According to witnesses inside the gym, Rhymes first argued with the victim, a Steel Gym employee, on Tuesday about bringing a cameraman into the Chelsea gym to record the rapper’s workout. The employee refused to allow the videographer into the gym. The following day, Rhymes and the front desk employee again got into a disagreement, during which time the rapper purchased a chocolate-flavored protein drink; accounts differ regarding whether the weapon involved was a Muscle Milk or Lean Body beverage.

Source: Rolling Stone

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