Breaking News: The Pittsburgh Steelers Will NOT The Field During The National Anthem

To stand or not to stand that is the question and some ball clubs are choosing the latter.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have made their decision to not  even leave the locker room.  Players have had more than enough of Trump being the playground bully tactics and trampling on the rights of the American people.

While it would’ve been nice for the NFL to have shown this massive amount of support to Colin Kaepernick but it appears the NFL isn’t going to let  Trump dictate to them how to conduct their business.

Read more as reported by the Mediaite:

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Steelers Official Website

Earlier this morning, the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars got the ball rolling on protests during the national anthem when a number of players knelt as the Star Spangled Banner played before their game in London.

It is expected that a bunch of players will continue to kneel during this afternoon’s games. One team that won’t is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Why? Because they reportedly won’t even take the field.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report (Twitter)

Source: Mediaite

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