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Breaking News: Federal Lawsuit To Be Filed By Sandra Bland’s Family

Sandra Bland’s death is still fresh in the minds of the nation. Clearly this was a death that was avoidable and while the world awaits the results of Sandra’s autopsy report, the family of Ms. Bland is geared up to filing a federal lawsuit against Officer Brian Encinia, Waller County and all of those involved.

EarHustle411 is still praying for the family of Sandra Bland and we are optimistic that justice will prevail and everyone can have closure.  See more in this story as reported by USA Today:


An attorney representing Sandra Bland’s family will file a lawsuit at the federal courthouse in downtown Houston on Tuesday, the attorney’s office says.

The lawsuit will be filed against Trooper Brian Encinia “and others responsible for the death of Sandra Bland,” the office stated in a news release overnight.

Encinia arrested Bland on July 10 in Waller County, Texas. Three days later, on July 13, she was found dead in a jail cell in Hempstead, Texas. Officials say she used a plastic bag to hang herself.

source: USA Today

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