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Brazilian Robber Caught On Tape Having Sex With Mannequin

man has sex with store dummy

A robber was busted having sex with a headless mannequin after breaking into a Brazilian shopping mall.

Astonishing surveillance footage shows the burglar tenderly propping the plastic dummy up against a wall. He then kisses its breasts and lies it down on the ground before carrying out a sex act. Once the deed is done, he is then seen nonchalantly zipping up his shorts and walking away

The bizarre incident occurred in Jaragua, southern Brazil, last week. Security guards discovered the footage after investigating a break-in. The clip went viral after being posted to YouTube.

The alleged offender, who climbed into the mall and stole discount value clothes to swap for drugs, was arrested after returning and being recognised by staff.

Mall manager Ricardo Carvalho told Folha De Jaragua that the incident was “strange”.

“If such an individual is capable of committing an act like this, imagine if he broke into a house? He could do the same with a helpless person,” he added.

Source: NYDailyNews.com

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