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Brawl At Chicago’s North Avenue Beach On Memorial Day Video Surfaces

Well the Memorial Day holiday got off to a great start on Chicago’s “prestigious” north side at the North Avenue Beach.  Interesting how this was not made a big deal but apparently the trash that was left behind after a large party at the beach was.  According to Fox 32, a call to the police about the brawl was never reported and it was confirmed that there were Chicago police in the area however they were on hand to make sure there were no “bottles” at the beach.  Funny how when a large group of blacks are fighting, they are referred to as a mob, thugs or even savages but when non blacks are involved in the same behavior their shenanigans are downplayed as a mere disturbance or simply shrugged off like it’s nothing.

This “disturbance” never made the news, wonder why?  Hmmm…we’ll wait while that fact is figured out!

Take a look at the video of the massive brawl:

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