Boston Police Officer Suspended After Making Racist Video Targeting African Americans

officer suspended

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According to CBS, A Boston police officer is suspended for posting a racially offensive video online.

That video featured another officer who had no idea his image was being used.

Commissioner William Evans revealed Thursday the officer will be off the job and unpaid for creating a the video.

“He will undergo significant sensitivity and unconscious bias retraining,” said Evans.

Officer Joseph DeAngelo, a four and a half year member of the force, who patrols the Roxbury area, admitted to crafting the crude video depicting another officer with the tag line “this summer black people have met their match.”

Boston police became aware of the video on June 8th and initially suspended the officer seen in the video.

They learned he was unaware his image was used and is back on the job.

“DeAngelo came forward and owned up to making the video meant to spoof his buddy and fellow officer,” said Evans.

The department consulted with members of the black community and agreed upon a punishment: a one year suspension with six months to serve.

“For two weeks we sought input from a lot of groups on what the appropriate punishment would be. We don’t tolerate this type of behavior,” said Evans.

Superintendent in Chief William Gross says his embarrassment and remorse was clear.

“Not once did I ever hear from him, ‘I’ll do anything to save my job.’ But, what we heard from him is, ‘I want to show everybody I’m not a racist,’” said Gross.

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