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Bonnie Liltz The Schaumburg Mom Gets Just 4 Years For Killing Her Disabled Daughter…WTH!!

WOW!!! The wheels of justice most definitely did not serve adequately in this case.  By now we are sure everyone is aware of the case where the mother from Schaumburg, IL who fed her severely disabled adopted daughter prescription drugs ultimately killing her and then in a cowardly move tried to take her own life.  Bonnie Liltz was sentenced to a mere 4 years for the murder of her daughter.  The daughter named Courtney was stricken with Cerebral Palsy and was unable to engage in the basic functions that of a normal healthy child, she required 24 hour care.  Liltz herself was not without challenges as she suffered from adverse affects from radiation treatments from cancer and most recently has been hospitalized from a reoccurrence of cancer.  Unfortunately the hospitalization required her to place her daughter Courtney into a facility where she learned that she was not treated properly.  Liltz claimed her daughter was left unattended, wet and dirty.

Bonnie Liltz

photo credit: daily herald

As understandable her Liltz’s concerns were that is she were to die her daughter with whom she adopted would not be cared for properly, she chose to do the unthinkable.  Where in the parental handbook does it say to kill your child because the thought of them not being treated or cared for properly is unlikely especially when they are stricken with health challenges?  Murder under any circumstance is not an option.  We’d have to think about the other scope of things, supposing the mother or the daughter had no health issues or anything to draw the sympathy card.  We believe she would have had several books  thrown at her.

This despicable act was selfish and heartless but it seems the judge agreed but not to the point to impose a harsher sentence.  Cook County Judge Greenblatt expressed his opposition to imposing Liltz to probation and rebuked any claims the defendant states that what she did was an act of “love” he stated:

“Life is precious. Even a life that is disabled. Even a life that is profoundly disabled,” he said. “Your daughter, Courtney Liltz, was innocent and vulnerable and fragile. Her life was fragile. All life is fragile.

“The choice you made was not an act of love. It was a crime,”

Liltz wept uncontrollably when her sentence was imposed and her attorney stated they put on a very clear, cut and dry case that her stat of mind was very fragile at the time of this unspeakable act.   4 years for taking a life even though that life may not have had the ability to be enjoyed as the average person would clearly is not sufficient punishment, however Bonnie Liltz will have 4 years behind bars to think about what she’s done.

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