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Body Found On I-10 Identified By New Orleans Medical Examiner Was That Of 16-Yr Old Kaylan Ward [Video]

kaylan ward

Majority of our EarHustle411 writing staff are parents and the thought of any one of them to be reported injured or missing would be unfathomable. It hurts our hearts at EarHustle411 each time we report stories about missing, abused and exploited children and our prayers goes out to all parents who have had to go through such a devastating experience.

New Orleans County Medical Examiner confirmed that the body found on the side of the I-10 freeway.  The body belonged to 16-year Kaylan Ward.  Now just how did this horrible turn of  events take place.  According to Kenisha Martin-Nelson, mother of Kaylan Ward acknowledges that she and her daughter had been “bumping” heads for a while.  She says :


“my daughter had a demon who had been “riding” her for about 5-6 years and it was a demon I couldn’t handle.  So God had to do what He had to do and I’m alright with whatever decision God had made”.

EarHustle411 truly commend the mother of Kaylan Ward, during a prayer vigil, she gave a message that all of the young people who were in attendance needed to hear.  But just how did Kenisha get to this point of having a daughter be found dead?  It seems that Kaylan took her mother’s car without permission and of course her mother did not approve of this.  The two had an explosive argument, which caused Kaylan to run away from home and all the while lying to her mother of her whereabouts.

Kaylan’s mother said to the young people:

kaylan ward

“All y’all young people that don’t want to listen to your parents.  This is what happens. I had a rebellious child but I love her…”

EarHustle411 can never understand the hurt a parent feels when they lose a child however, we do know that the prayers of many will prevail.  We pray that those young people really “heard” Kaylan’s mother and her plea for them.  No one especially a child should have to die the way she did or in any manner other than natural.

WSMV Channel 4


Source: WSMV [Video]

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