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Body Cam Video Reveals Graphic Details Of Utah Officer Bron Cruz Killing Unarmed White Man

EarHustle411 truly can’t continuously fathom the many stories of police killings of unarmed citizens we have done in 2015. What we can say is it’s more than disturbing & sickening to our stomachs that a human life regardless of color or race can be snuffed out so quickly like a cigarette smoker’s lit end.

dillon taylor

Officer Bron Cruz failed to do his due diligence and confirm the person he was following was indeed the perp he was looking for. Unfortunately the man that was killed Mr. Dillon Taylor and his cousin were gentlemen who “fit the description” of the suspects. In the body cam footage that was so eloquently kept away from the public’s eye while the results or findings of another “justified” police shooting commenced, the world has lost another man to the perpetuated violence of another “boy in blue”

Take a look at the body cam recording ad watch as the details unfold in this despicable shooting along with a detailed timeline of the fateful 7 minutes. We MUST WARN you the details are quite graphic and extremely disturbing:


Now that the full video has been released, it’s disturbingly clear that nothing about this police shooting was justified. Nothing at all.

At 0:17, Officer Bron Cruz gets out of his vehicle. You will notice people confused by his presence.

At 0:22, Officer Cruz walks past two men who were friends with Dillon Taylor.

At 0:24, Officer Cruz walks behind Taylor, who has on a white T-shirt and is listening to music.

At 0:33, we see the officer has his gun drawn and is yelling at Taylor, who’s holding his sagging pants up and does not appear to hear Cruz.

At 0:36, the officer shoots Taylor. It would be fatal.

Starting at 0:41, you will notice the headphone cord coming out of Taylor’s pocket.

At 0:48, you will see that the headphones were clearly going up to Taylor’s ears.

At 0:52, the officer asks Dillon to “give me your hands,” but Taylor is already near death. His friends begin screaming and crying in the background.

At 1:03, the officer handcuffs Taylor.

At 1:48, the officer turns Taylor over, the headphones are visible, and the officer states “it’s clear”—meaning that Taylor was actually unarmed.

At 2:54, the officer turns Taylor completely over, keeping him handcuffed, and begins talking to him and trying to get him to talk. Taylor appears nearly dead and is completely covered in blood.

At 4:56, the officer is rummaging through Taylor’s pockets instead of providing any first aid.


EarHustle411 would like to know when is it customary procedure to not administer some kind of aid after an officer has clearly shot the wrong person.  A person has to have ICE COLD “BLUE” BLOOD running through their veins to stand over a person they just shot and rifle through their pockets trying to find something that or may not justify the discharging of a service weapon.

Hmmm..guess shoot first and ask questions later (if it manages to succeed to that point) is the way to do things.


Source: [Camera Timeline] Daily KOS Video [YouTube]

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