Blake Martin’s Men’s Fashion Week Chicago 2014 Set The Stage ON FIYAH!!!

I have been to fashion shows that were good but when I tell you that on June 28, 2014, Chicago’s Very Own Blake Martin HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!! I need you to mark my words, this show was more than fantastic.  IT WAS SUPERB!!!!  If you were not at the DuSable Museum for the Men’s Fashion Week Chicago 2014: High Fashion vs. Hard Body YOU MISSED OUT!!! This was a show filled with the best of the best designers from all over place, stunning dance routines and last but certainly not least, fantabulous fashion, great energy and the crowd was going wild.  Hosted by Tony Harper and Andrea Kelly, the two of them had the audience in tears from laughing so hard. A favorite moment for me from the show was when Tony advised the audience that Andrea “cut loose” when the song Din Daa Daa was played for a fashion run and she broke out into a “B-Gyrl” routine (in high heels no doubt). Men's Fashion Week Edited Photos -125 The designers really showed their skills and the models truly strutted their stuff down the runway.  When Blake was asked in an exclusive Earhustle411 interview, he flashes that coy, 1000-watt smile and politely keeps our host “Redd” in the dark about what’s next for Blake Martin Productions. Check out that interview:  

  I am not one to play favorites, all of the designers were phenomenal however there were 3 designer that really caught my attention; Knotty Loop, HoopLyfe & Llewellen.  Their designs were simple marvelous.  Check out a few of them below:

Men's Fashion Week Edited Photos -19

Hooplyfe Fashions

Men's Fashion Week Edited Photos -120

Knotty Loop Fashions

Men's Fashion Week Edited Photos -172

Llewellen Fashions

Men’s Fashion Week Chicago 2014 was truly a grand highlight of my summer so far.  I am so proud of Blake Martin and it gives me great immeasurable pleasure to be the one to write about his successful event.  Because he is like a son to me, I cannot help but be excited for the path he has taken and he is living out his dreams and taking all of us who love him along for the ride.


Blake Martin (Photo courtesy of Blake Martin’s Facebook page)

Earhustle411 and its writing staff wishes Blake Martin and Blake Martin Productions all the best in the future and we will be right here keeping out ears to the streets for what’s coming next for this inspiring, talented and influential entrepreneur. 

Follow Blake on Social Media and check out the fashions from the show:

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