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Blacks Often Called Animals When Other Races Have Their Own Animals Too!! [Video]

EarHustle411 is an advocate for children and their well-being regardless of race or color.  In the past we have posted several stories about the abuse happening to children.  Unfortunately they have come from all walks of life, however what is truly disturbing is that Blacks are all too often referred to as animals when in actuality every race has their own bad apples, it’s just so ironic that majority of the stories reported are involving blacks.  Violence is happening all across the globe but the cameras are always focused on blacks.

How is it that a riot in 2 different places be classified differently? For example, the rioters in Baltimore were classified as “looters and hooligans”  but the rioters in Columbus, Ohio were classified as “revelers”.  Need I remind you they were of different races.  While one was a situation of protest and the other was celebration, a riot is a riot regardless of the reason it takes place.

We came across this video on Facebook and it would seem to be a very simple video until it takes a graphic turn.  We are not aware of the origin of the video however, the images are so graphic and so disturbing, we can’t even write the description you will have to look at it for yourself.

This man no matter how disturbed he may be, should be spending the remainder of his lowly life in jail for what he did to this innocent child.  But for Blacks to consistently be referred to as a race of animals, the above video should show that every race has their demons and this man in the video was proof. It may be just one of many instances of animal behavior, there are more we just haven’t come across them at least not yet.

Social Media is a blessing and a curse simply because as the days go by people are posting videos of some  of the most graphic scenes imaginable and there are too many to mention.  So with that being said, is it a safe assumption to convey that “animalistic” behavior is not necessarily defined or assigned to one particular class of people.

At EarHustle411 we tend to call it like we see it and we suggest taking a long walk through your own “zoo” before taking a short one through someone else’s.

Source: Facebook [Video]

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