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Blacks Are The ONLY 100% Human Race; A College Professor Claims & Explains [Video Rewind]

blacks only 100% human race

The discussion about the evolution of man has been an extremely heated topic for many years.  In an old video we found on YouTube, a college professor has explained how the Black race is the ONLY race that’s 100% human. Race relations between all people are so severely diminished that any efforts to “bridge the gap” are being ignored, so of course this information is not going to go over very well.  Many times it’s been reported that blacks were evolved from animals, it’s just absurd.   This video has social media in a complete uproar and the debate is definitely on with this one.

Take a look at the video:

EarHustle411 wants to know what are your thoughts about this topic.  Was the professor on point or was he just blowing smoke?

Source: YouTube

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