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Black Women Denied Entry Into A Popular London Nightclub Because They Were “Too Dark” And “Too Fat”

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Back in the day a popular nightclub called Studio 54  based in New York was very strict about who they let enter the club. This was back in the 70’s and now most club goers may face discrimination based on their attire not weight or skin color. A group of black women went out partying in London and was allegedly denied entry to a popular nightclub because two of ladies in the group was told they were too dark and too fat. Check out the full story below.

Via Voice Online

A GROUP of young black women have taken on a high end West End nightclub after two members of their party were allegedly turned away for being “too fat” and “too dark”.

Details of the incident, which took place at DSTRKT on Saturday night (Sept 26), have been shared widely across social media.

It has prompted other black women to come forward with their own stories of discriminatory treatment at the hands of door staff.

The group of four women made their way to the nightclub on the understanding that their names were on the guest list and with the promise of a table.

Zalika Miller, 26, an up-and-coming actress from north London said: “Prior to us actually getting to the club, the [promoter] wanted pictures of the girls that my friend was going to bring. He basically said, if she was going to bring black girls then they’ve got to be of ‘a certain caliber’. She sent him pictures of me and another girl that was coming and I guess he gave his approval.”

After arriving at approximately 10:15 pm, the young women were subjected to the scrutiny of an ambiguous door policy.

They claim a club employee at the door disappeared into the venue – where they have a video monitor – to verify whether someone can be ‘admitted’ into the club.

“I remember even saying I’m not even going to bother to take my ID out because I bet she’s going to come back out and tell us some rubbish excuse,” Miller, who starred in the Brothers With No Game web series, said.

The group was declined entry and told the club was at full capacity only to watch in shock as other women were allowed to enter after them.

DSTRKT, in Rupert Street, is described as an award-winning bar and boasts celebrity guests including Jay Z, Rihanna and Drake.

Miller continued: “The promoter went to the door girl and asked why she wasn’t letting us in and she just said, ‘I don’t think they’re good looking enough’.”

In an exchange of messages with the DSTRKT promoter, the women say they were explicitly told they were declined entry because one of the girls was “too dark” and another was “overweight”.

After sharing the incident on social media encouraging other stories of door discrimination, the panicked promoter reached out to one member of the group.

He wrote: “Are [you] trying to make me [lose my job]!? If your two girls are [too] overweight to get in the club that’s how it is. What the hell are you doing?”

However, another member of staff who was working this past weekend has also stepped forward to corroborate the accusation.

Brooke Norton, who is white, shared via social media how friends she had invited to the club were subject to similar treatment.

She claims she was told by a senior member of staff that she shouldn’t invite “too many black girls” next time.

Norton wrote: “I work for DSTRKT, I promote in DSTRKT, on Friday when I was working at DSTRKT I actually took my personal friends and put them on my table. There [were] two white girls in the queue in front of us and they got in for free but they made my black friends pay to get in.

“When I finished work on Friday at DSTRKT, I was told not to bring so many black girls on my table next time and I should only really have light skin girls, Indian girls or white girls. That to me is f***ing discrimination.”

She added: “I won’t be promoting there [any] more that’s for sure, they took money out of my pay for that night cause they didn’t count one of my black friend as a guest. So, so bad.”

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