Black Woman Arrested In Baton Rouge Louisiana For “Miscegenation” Which Means Dating Outside Her Race & Was Held Without Bail

Black Woman Arrested In Baton Rouge Louisiana For "Miscegenation" Which Means Dating Outside Her Race & Was Held Without Bail

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A young lady named Kristal Corney from Baton Rouge Louisiana was arrested on March 13, 2018 for “Miscegenation” which means-  a mixture of races; especially : marriage, cohabitation, or sexual intercourse between a white person and a member of another race. Basically, dating outside her race.

In the year of 2018 racist cops are digging up laws still on the books that were put there by their racist ancestors which hasn’t be practiced in decades, actually since 1967.

You have to ask yourself, if racism does not exist anymore based on the denial in this country then how is it that this young lady was arrested for dating someone out of her race?

The young lady was being falsely imprisoned and being held against her will without bail but has since been released on March 15, 2018.

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This is her story below:


PSA:: Monday, March 12th, I received a phone call from my older brother while at school that both of us had a bench warrant and that I needed to go downtown to the 19th judicial district court to get it recalled with Judge Richard D. Anderson, when we went to the door and spoke with (I’m assuming his secretary) she told us we came too late and come to back tomorrow to get it recalled. So the next day Tuesday, March 13, I picked up my brother went downtown went to the door talked to the lady again and she told us to go sit in the court room and wait for our names to be called. Me and my brother names were the last to be called! They called my brother first, made him state his name , address and birthday and the judge immediately said “remand him”. When it was my turn, the same happen to me ! The sheriff told me to turn around he put me in cuffs and I asked him why was I being arrested just for coming to recall a bench warrant he then said “it wasn’t a bench warrant,it was an arrest warrant !” When I asked what was I being arrested for ! He told me for a subpoena I was issued ! Remind you I was never issued ANYTHING ! While waiting they told us they had to make a couple of phone calls while we were in the court room holding cells, to see what they were going to do with us ! When they came back they brought us down stairs in another set of holding cells ! About 30mins to an hour later the officer came back with papers I had to sign, I’m guessing it was the subpoena, so I was subpoenaed there and he told me to sign those papers along with another paper stating my next court date which was that following Thursday, March 15th. After I was booked and was able to make a phone call my mom told me I was charged with “material witness”! Then later that day when I talked to her again she told me they added a charge of “miscegenation” and I was sooo confused because I’d never heard of that word let alone knew what it meant! But it means “the interbreeding of people considered to be of different racial types.” The only thing I could think of is when I was dating a Mexican for 4 Years and I was trying to think of how could our relationship be a crime or what the hell did we do or I did to be charged with such a thing !

The next day Wednesday, March 14, when I talked to my mom again , she told me that my brother had been giving a bond amount of 10,000 and I still had no bond set ! So I’m Highly pissed because things are just not adding up ! How could me and my brother be arrested for the same charge and he gets a bond the next day and I don’t ? Instead I get a charge pinned on me that has been ruled an unconstitutional law since 1967. That shouldn’t have even been an option to even charge me with in the first place! A charge that was the only thing stopping me from having a bail amount so that I could go home ! A “clerical error“ that was changed to 2 charges of “material witness “ after I left court Thursday, March 15. Which cause me to miss school / final exams for my 7weeks class and work. When I made it to court, I was being questioned about and being accused of getting a subpoena at an address that I no longer live at! That no one resides in! From a man that I never never seen a day in my life ! They then told me , either I could pay bail and get out And I better come to the two court dates issued! Or I could stay in jail and ebr parish prison could bring me to the court dates which means I will be sitting in jail for a month in a half ! Or the attorney can just let me go with no bail amount and pray and wish upon a star that I show up to those court dates and if not I’ll have to sit in prison for 6 months! ‍♀ well they let me out with no bail and I just better show up to the court dates ‍♀ I was then brought back to ebr parish prison and released at about 4:20 pm.

To me Its soo many things I see wrong about my whole case that’s not adding up! I don’t much about law , so I would like for anyone with information who could possibly help to please reach out, Thank You !


Ear Hustle 411 will keep you posted once we have an update of the mess this young lady has been put in.

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