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Black Texas Man’s Conviction Tossed After Lost Evidence Found in Cop’s Home; Gets New Trial

alfred brown

A Texas man convicted of killing a police officer and sentenced to death will get a new trial after it was revealed that the District Attorney’s office withheld crucial evidence from the defense.

Alfred Dewayne Brown was found guilty in 2005 of gunning down an officer during a robbery at a check cashing store two years earlier. He was granted a new trial on Wednesday when phone records supporting his claim of innocence were found at an officer’s home.

Brown claimed that he couldn’t have committed the robbery because he was with his girlfriend and even made a phone call from his girlfriend’s phone at the time the robbery was taking place. The evidence to support Brown’s alibi was not available for trial because police did not produce it.

Then Brown’s girlfriend testified against him after reportedly being threatened with having her children taken away by the state. A police officer named James Koteras even took it a step further and threatened her with jail and losing her job if she didn’t agree with the state’s story. According to the Houston Chronicle, other grand jurors also piled on Brown’s girlfriend, causing her to doubt her memory.

“Think about your kids, darling,” one grand juror says.

“Girl, you just made a big mistake,” another grand juror says, according to The Raw Story. “I think she was with him at the check cashing place.”

After Brown’s conviction, however, he appealed to a private law firm that began searching for evidence to support his alibi. Chron reports that a Houston police officer found a box of old evidence pertaining to Brown’s case in his garage. Among the papers was a phone bill which showed a call made from Brown’s girlfriend’s house at the exact time Brown said he made a call.

The District attorney agreed to a new trial after alleging that the phone records must’ve been misplaced.

Source: Your Black World

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