Black Teens Severely Beaten For Talking To White Girl At Christmas Party

Black Teens Beaten For Talking To White Girl At Christmas Party

(Source: La’Quesha Scott’s Facebook)

Two black teens in Louisiana were allegedly beaten because they talked to a white girl at a party on Christmas Eve.

The St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call about a fight at the party at around midnight. When they arrived, they found the two badly beaten boys, who were taken to the hospital for their injuries.

On Thursday, 21-year-old Jordan Hitt was arrested and charged with aggravated second degree battery. Officials say they are still investigating the matter.

La’Quesha Scott, the mother of one of the black teens, said that her 15-year-old son was beaten by a group of men that took exception to him talking to a white girl. She said that the second boy was his 17-year-old cousin, Shannon Dumas.

According to Scott, hundreds of people attended the party on Sunday night. So, she took to Facebook to plead with anyone who saw the group of about five men attack the boys to come forward.

Shannon, who received 17 stitches, said that he didn’t understand how the fight started.

“A white girl started talking to one of my black friends and they were running it with each other and she had a boyfriend and her boyfriend got mad,” he said.

When the argument escalated, Shannon admitted, he was ready for a fight. But he and his cousin didn’t throw the first punch.

“And I asked him if he wanted to fight and he said, ‘Yeah,’ so he was like yeah, so I took my jacket off and when I took my jacket off, somebody hit me with a bottle and I fell and they hit me again and I fell again and they started jumping me,” he said.

“The dude’s friends ended up sneaking me from behind and they had pulled me by the hood of my jacket,” Sam Scott said.

While Sam has already given his statement to police identifying the attackers, the mothers of both boys fear they will not see justice for their sons.

“Down here, to me, it’s like when you’re white, you’re right,” one mother said.

“To me, nothing is being done and it’s not right. They could have taken my son from me that night. All I want is justice.”


Source:  The Grio

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