Black Teen Burned By Jealous White Teens Because He’s The Best Player At Rugby

Jealousy and envy are the fuel to hate!! It’s unfortunate that people get so consumed by the fact that there are people who do things better, they are filled with a self loathing that they will do anything to relieve themselves from it, including harming another individual.  In South Africa, a black teen experienced the ugly rage of hate by white teens who were nothing but jealous of him because he is awesome at Rugby.  These wicked and enraged teens took it upon themselves to “rid” the sport of their greatest player.  They attacked him and doused him with flammable chemicals and set him ablaze in the name of jealousy.

This life has more than enough room for everyone to do and be what and who they are.  It’s true that black are more athletically inclined than other races and they do excel in sports.  Nothing is more disturbing than to report about a child being set on fire because he was better in sports.  When will all this hate and jealousy cease?

Read more as reported by Colossill:

Photo Credit: Qaphela Titus Gobodo

“Meet Qaphela Gobodo (Qaphela Titus Gobodo) from Wellington. Qaphela is a victim yoMONA (Jealousy)💔, and he really needs our help.
Qaphela was walking from the toilets at school when four boys were walking behind him, and one hit him on the head, and he collapsed.

They poured paraffin or thinners, all over his body, and set him on fire.
An ambulance was called, and he was rushed to Paarl Hospital.
They couldn’t help him at Paarl, and he was immediately transferred to Tygerberg Hospital.

He was hospitalized from the 13th of September 2016 to the 27th of December 2016.
The reason behind all of this, is because he got a bursary from Hoerskool Garsfontein in Pretoria. Qaphela happens to be the only black guy who is GREAT at rugby at his school, and amongst his teammates, he IS the best.
His class teacher, and his family visited him all the time.

When he went back to school this year, he didn’t receive any warmth or support, like he expected, but he became a laughing-stock💔
He didn’t care, and still doesn’t care, he just needs people who can help him recover, so he can go back to the field!!!

In March he felt dizzy, and was asked to go home, and come back in the next year.
Qaphela isn’t receiving the best medical attention, as his mother doesn’t have enough funds to get him the best medical help.
Qaphela’s wish is to fully recover, get his education, and get a bursary/scholarship (he wants to be a professional rugby player)

He needs some medical attention until he recovers. I don’t know how we can reach out to Hoerskool Garsfontein to consider taking him again.

We are not asking for money, but for help in his recovery. Please Help 🙏🏽🙏🏽” – @aneza_m
To help, please inbox Qaphela. His Facebook page: “Qaphela Titus Gobodo”

Source: Colossill

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