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Black Owned Business: A List Of 35 Black Farmers In The U.S.A, Will You Shop With Them Instead Of Whole Foods & Walmart?

Black Owned Business: List Of 35 Black Farmers In The U.S.A, Will You Shop With Them Instead Of Whole Foods & Walmart?

There was a time when black farmers were very prevalent but as big businesses and corporate greed moved in, many of these farmers lost their land and was forced out of business.

Ear Hustle 411 came across this list of 35 farmers in the U.S that are still in business who are growing healthy foods and not the poison that is being infiltrated in the grocery stores and passed off as organic.

We ask that if you live in any of the states that are on this list that you support these farmers.

See what Urban Intellectuals reported:

We are constantly discussing the need to use our economic reach of over $1.1 trillion dollars a year to positively impact the black community and political system we find ourselves. However, we cannot do this if we are not spending our money wisely with one another.

Thanks to Victoria Masse’s work for Blavity for uncovering these jewels of opportunity in the black community. (You can read her original piece here: Black Farmers to by from Instead of Whole Foods)

Therefore, we feel it is imperative to continue to flood you with opportunities to do just that and support black owned businesses in a variety of industries. This can impact the number of jobs we have in the community, increase the amount circulating, raise our tax base for schools, programs and other much needed services.

In addition, it isn’t like these large, multinational organizations have your best interest at heart. Walmart isn’t supporting the “Black Lives Matter” movement and neither is Whole Foods because their constituents aren’t impacted by police brutality, the unbelieveable unemployment rate of the black community, nor the violence put upon us.

They don’t care, so why do you shop with them regularly?

No one is saying spend every dime you have with these 35 black farmer options, but at least increase your expenditures so these farmers can grow to begin supplying the grocery stores in our community. If we never support, we will never have what we all know we need intellectually.


  1. Five Seeds Farms
  2. Tha Flower Factory
  3. The Greener Garden


  1. Boxcar Grocer
  2. Patchwork City Farms
  3. Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Ag


  1. Healthy Food Hub
  2. Trinity United Church of Christ Farmers Market (Summer)
  3. Your Bountiful Harvest Family Farm


  1. Chateau Hough Vineyard
  2. Rid-All Green Partnership


  1. Afroculinaria
  2. Community Farming Alliance
  3. Good Sense Farm
  4. Three Part Harmony


  1. Afrika Town Community Garden
  2. Farms to Grow, Inc.
  3. People’s Grocery
  4. Phat Beets Produce


  1. D-TownFarm


  1. Barbour’s Farm LLC


  1. The Ron Finley Project
  2. Sola Food Co-op
  3. South Central Farmers’ Cooperative
  4. Community Services Unlimited


  1. The Philadelphia Urban Creators
  2. Mill Creek Farm


  1. Black Urban Growers
  2. La Familia Verde
  3. The BLK ProjeK
  4. East New York Farms


  1. Tiger Mountain Foundation


  1. City Heights Farmers Market


  1. Southeastern African American Farmers’ Organic Network


  1. Vanguard Ranch Natural Gourmet


Source:  Urbanintellecturals

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