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Black Man Repeatedly Kick By NYPD Police Has Leg Amputated

The police brutality stories are never-ending and unfortunately they are becoming more and more disturbing.  Major cities like New York, Detroit, Chicago and others really need to be overhauled and investigations be conducted because there are some good people that are officers but their good work is being overshadowed by the mess of the bad officers.  It’s all disheartening and disappointing that our law enforcement can’t be trusted to do their jobs and serve the community effectively.

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A Black man is suing the New York Police Department after he says an out-of-control officer’s repeated kicks to his leg caused him to have to get an amputation.

Eugene Randolph, 59, was busted in 2012 for selling drugs to an undercover officer, reports the New York Daily News.

While being taken into custody, the lawsuit accuses officer Edwin Feliciano of losing his cool; slamming Randolph against a vehicle, elbowing him in the back and kicking him repeatedly, despite requests to take it easy.

Randolph says he told the officer multiple times that he had poor circulation. The man had prescription pills with him for his condition.

Six other officers reportedly looked on as Feliciano kicked Randolph’s leg apart.

His leg had to be amputated above the knee due to his injuries and the poor medical care he received while in custody, the suit claims.

“Mr. Randolph was entirely compliant with the arrest, informed the officer that he was taking medication for poor circulation and begged the officer to take it easy on his leg. In response, the officer ruthlessly continued to kick his leg,” said Randolph’s lawyer, Jason Leventhal.

“The heartless actions of this officer together with the failure of other officers to stop him and the negligent medical treatment Randolph received in custody, resulted in the amputation of Randolph’s right leg.”

The city Law Department said it will review the suit once it is served.

Randolph, who has prior convictions for robbery and burglary, is currently serving time at a correctional facility.

Source: Centric

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