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Black History : Sankofa SuperHerus: Volume 1 (Black Books For Black Children) (Volume 5)


Sankofa SuperHerus teaches Afrikan children about our beloved leaders in an exciting new way. This book is designed for parents to read along with their children. Sankofa SuperHerus provides a brief summary of several revolutionaries, offering just enough information to encourage further study. Use this book as a foundation to make your child an expert in ancient and modern Afrikan history. After reading each story, feel free to enrich your child’s learning with further investigation, book reports, role play, art projects, or creating songs about each figure. Let’s make “ourstory” fun! Abibifahodie! (Afrikan liberation!)

About The Author

Angela Freeman is an exciting new author dedicated to the advancement of the Black community. Her first book, “God’s Gift: How to be a Good Black Woman to a Strong Black Man” has helped thousands of Black women create peace and happiness in their relationships by embracing true Black womanhood. According to Angela, real “strong Black women” strive to keep their families intact and happy. She recently added the books “Conscious Entertaining: The Return of the Domestic Goddess” and “The Conscious Book of ABC’s” to her resume. She is working on two more books that will be released later in 2013-early 2014.

Angela began her career as a freelance writer, providing editorials for various Black publications. She later became a blogger and popular radio talk show host. Her time is now spent writing books and advising Black people on family health and healing. Angela also works in the community as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and children in the foster care system. Her passion is creating a more centered, productive Black community, one family at a time.

Despite her many roles, the one that gives her the most fulfillment is being a devoted wife. Angela has been happily married for eight years to her best friend, partner, and complement. She draws upon her real life experiences in dating and marriage to create solid, common sense advice that teaches women how to create peaceful homes. She believes that there can never be a strong Black community until we create stable Black families. The time for improvement is now!


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