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Black Greeks Outraged Sorority Sisters On VH1 Is A Go And Scheduled To Debut On December 15, 2014

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EarHustle411 right along with every other blog posted sometime ago about the disdain some members of the 4 Black Greek Lettered Sororities were feeling about the “Reality TV” show Sorority Sisters.  Well the “S” (Sisterhood) has hit the fan and one can only wonder how the relationships and camaraderie amongst members from the 4 Black Sororities will be once this show airs.  Will it bring about a change and foster togetherness or will it cause a division and put a stamp of validity on the stereotypes that have been placed on the organizations?

Perception is more often than not pegged to be reality, so unless one is a member of one of the 4 Black Sororities the perception can be met with a visual of either fact or fiction.  The snippet of the Sorority Sisters most definitely is not one of positivity nor does it get to the heart of the matter as it relates to “sisterhood”.

All 4 organizations do ample service in the community and contrary to perception they do get along and have a mutual respect for one another as well as the organizations they represent.  Personalities do clash however at the end of the day the work of the community has to be done and it is not about one person or organization, it’s about the serving the people.

Check out the Sorority Sisters snippet:

After watching the snippet of the show, we must be reminded that we all have the “free will” to either watch it or not watch it.  Although a petition has circulated and massive outrage from members of the 4 organizations consumed social media (as of this post it still does), the fact still remains is the show received the blessings and platform if you will from VH1 to show to the world what Black Sorority “life” is supposed to be like.

This show and its depiction of Black Greek Sorority life is going to possibly do 1 of 2 things:

1.  Entice and drive women who can identify with the likes of the images seen on the show and have been desiring to join a sorority to do everything they can to join.

2.  Cause interest in joining a sorority to be virtually nil.

The above is not for certain however either way it’s not a win-win for any of the organizations, but who knows the feedback and/or outcome of the show could have a similar fate that some shows that involved blacks in general have suffered.

Keep in mind ratings are important but adequate sponsorship reigns supreme.

One does have to wonder if the founders of all 4 sororities are “clutching” their pearls!!

Source: YouTube (video)

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