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Black Friday Fight In A Kentucky Mall Caught On Camera Yields No Investigation Or Arrests

A late night fight at the Mall St. Matthews caught on camera went viral overnight. No one reported injuries or arrests, but police said the incident was extremely dangerous.

When you watch the fight video, you see the obvious—two young adults, fighting in the Mall St. Matthews food court, after what witnesses said started in a nearby store. But to see what police said was the real danger, you have to watch what was happening around the fight, as people started to yell, and the crowd started to panic.

St. Matthews Police Patrolman Dennis McDonald said, “If you can imagine being a short distance down but not knowing what was going on, but hearing this undercurrent, the yelling, the screaming, you may think that there’s really something worse that’s happening you especially in light of the things that are going on in our world today.”

Witnesses said the fight wasn’t shopping related and started as a verbal altercation.

Witness Nicholas Shannon said, “He says what did you say to me, and then he starts taking his jacket off and putting his hands up like he’s getting ready to fight, and at that point everyone started gathering around, like we knew what was about to go on.”

mall fight

photo credit: Twitter User: @DaddyWeaknd

Police said it was the only black Friday related incident they responded to last night, and they credit mall security with doing an excellent job breaking up the fight and restoring order to the crowd. Police said there would have been serious consequences had officers been on the scene.

McDonald said, “I can assure you if police officers had arrived on the scene, and we were the ones breaking it up, someone would’ve went to jail.”

For now, no one has been arrested and police said there is no active investigation.

Source: WHAS 11

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