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Black Attorney Is Sent To Jail For Refusing To Remove Her Black Lives Matter Pin

EarHustle411 finds this topic to be very interesting because the judge who just halted same-sex marriages in his courtroom has sent a black attorney to jail for not removing her Black Lives Matter pin.  It’s ironic that judges are given so much “freedom” and free reign to do whatever they so choose in “their” courtroom like taking a stand and put operations to a halt because of what they believe in but can then make a ruling about something so simple as a pin.  The People are shouting foul because people especially attorneys wear all kinds of pins up to and including the American flag and how many of those individuals have been sent to jail because of it.  One has to ponder if a white attorney wore a “White Power” pin or better yet if a white attorney was wearing the Black Lives Matter pin would the same scenario occur

Andrea Burton

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Now the question of the day is when or if  Judge Robert Milich be reprimanded for his decision to halt marriages just as Kim Davis the Kentucky County Clerk was sent to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. You remember her right??  The American people deserve better that to have our courtrooms used at battle grounds to personal beliefs and this is not a what’s good for the goose is good for the gander situation.  Judge Robert Milich said in a statement “a judge doesn’t support either side”…hogwash!  If that was the case then why would he choose to halt same-sex marriages in his courtroom?

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The fact of the matter is whether it’s Black Lives Matter, LGBT Right, Guns or whatever the situation, there’s always going to be some issue that will reach a “political” plateau and the people we have in place to make “decisions” or rulings as part of their appointment cannot pick and choose what they will and will not allow and if this is how they plan to uphold their appointment then maybe it’s time they be removed from the high seat they sit in.

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