Bishop Eddie Long Settles Lawsuit With Members Who Invested With Ephren Taylor

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Reports have come in out of Atlanta that Bishop Eddie Long has just settled the Lawsuit from his members who lost everything in a church endorsed Ponzi Scheme. Bishop Eddie Long opened his pulpit to Ephren Taylor, a self-described financial guru, and days later Taylor walked away with over $1 MILLION.

PimpPreacher.com has stayed active with this story from the beginning and celebrate with the members from New Birth who have received a return of their investment, but there are other victims of Ephren Taylor who continue to wait for their money thanks to the good job of an expert lawyer just like this local truck accident attorney.

According to my Fox News out of Atlanta:

Ephren Taylor, a self-described financial guru, left with nearly a million dollars in investments. But, according to a lawsuit, it was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme and nearly all of it was lost. Now, 13 members of Bishop Long’s church have settled their lawsuit with Bishop Long and Ephren Taylor.

The settlement brings to an end this tragic tale of what one accident lawyer riverside calls misguided trust. Bishop Long says the matter is now resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Senior I-team reporter Dale Russell, first uncovered this scheme 3 years ago and has this exclusive report.


biship Eddie Long

The Church Folk Revolution would like to salute I-Team Reporter Dale Russell for his relentless pursuit of justice for these victims, and his excellence in reporting. PimpPreacher.com will continue to follow this story until Ephren Taylor and all pastors involved with Taylor are held accountable.

Source: Pimppreacher.com

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