Bey & Jay Are They Going To Be Parents Again…Welp Jay Z’s Lyrics Says So


Last night, Jay Z and Beyoncé wrapped up their wildly successful “On The Run” tour in Paris. Nicki Minaj showed up to do her “Flawless” remix, but the biggest news of the night is just being realized now. Thanks to an Instagram video, we now have a little more proof that Jay changed some lyrics in his “Beach Is Better” interlude to “‘cause she pregnant with another one.”

Clearly freestyling a bit, Hov changes “bucket after bucket” to something about Margiela, and then proceeds to replace “I replace it with another one” with “‘cause she pregnant with another one.” Clearly, this rumor is mostly based on speculation, but the audio provides at least some evidence in favor of another Yoncé pregnancy.

If you remember, some changed lyrics during another part of the “On The Run” tour set off a rumor that Jay had cheated on his wife, and that the Carter’s marriage was in jeopardy, but that proved to fizzle out after a while. Pregnancies, on the other hand, are pretty difficult to conceal, so we’ll definitely find out the truth soon enough. We may just have another Pregnancé on our hands.

Watch the Instagram clip below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



Source: Hot New Hip Hop

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