BANNED FROM THE SUPERBOWL!! Janet Jackson Still On The No Performance “Blacklist”

REALLY!! Banned from performing in the Superbowl for 10 years!! Totally ridiculous!! I’ve seen the video and personally I didn’t see anything wrong with it. There has been performers that has done worse things!!! I guess this is what happens when you get thrown under the bus!!

Check it out as reported by ENSTARZ



Janet Jackson’s infamous nip slip/wardrobe malfunction still has the singer banned from doing a halftime performance.

It has been 10 years since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake had “nipplegate” happen during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The incident stole the show, with an apparent 540,000 complaints coming into the FCC about the incident. Jackson was blacklisted and her 2004 album Damita Jo was her lowest selling album since 1984, still debuting number 2 on the Billboard charts however, Rolling Stone reported.

Jackson, to this day, is still banned and will not even be considered for another Super Bowl performance. This is according to a TMZ report in which they asked an NFL spokesperson if anyone was blacklisted for the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show. Of course Jackson was the only name to be listed.

Is the FCC still holding an unfair amount of power against Jackson? FCC chairman admitted to Rolling Stone that the board acted unfairly towards the singer. Timberlake, who in turn was the one who accidentally revealed the breast, received a stern talking to. That was his punishment. Timberlake admitted it was a wardrobe malfunction, and told E! News, “I take that I chose not to comment on it still, after 10 years. I’m not touching that thing with a ten foot pole.”

The FCC lost the lawsuit for the split second of nudity. The nipple was only on television for 9/16ths of a second, and it caused 10 years of being blacklisted.




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