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Bank Robbery In Indiana Committed By Men Dressed As Superfly and Rick James

Goodness gracious, criminals are going through great lengths to conceal themselves from getting caught while committing a crime.  A credit union in Indiana was robbed by 2 men who dressed themselves like Rick James and Superfly.  We are glad no one was hurt during the robbery.  Read more as reported by VLAD:

robber dressed as rick james

video_image-455830 rick james robber

Two men robbed Indiana Members Credit Union over the weekend, and their disguises closely resembled 70’s icons Rick James and Superfly. One of the men was decked out in all black with a wig fashioned after James’ famous beaded braids, while his accomplice wore a chin length wavy wig with a fedora.

According to ABC 6 in Indianapolis, the two men approached a teller and demanded money. It wasn’t revealed how much money the men got away with, and police are still on the search for the robbers.

Check out surveillance photos in the above

Source: VLAD

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