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Was The Bad Boy Reunion In New York A Bang For The Buck Or A Bust?

Music lovers will pay good money to see their favorite artist perform and they don’t really care about the costs.  For example, Beyonce concert tickets cost about as much as a car note and her loyal subjects will pay and max out their credit card getting tickets.  As you know Bad Boy Entertainment led by Sean Diddy Combs announced a Bad Boy Reunion Tour complete with all of the acts to have graced the label like Lil Kim, Mase and the memory of Notorious B.I.G.  it also included internal reunions like to coming back together of Total.  When was the last time Kima, Pam and Keisha performed together? It’s been a minute and 112 is still kicking along, Faith Evans has been steadily moving up in her career and whatever happened to Craig Mack? Alright maybe we went too far…LOL!!   Jay Z and Mary J. Blige were the invited special guest huh…OK (shoulder shrug).   Apparently the Bad Boy camp pulled a Lauryn Hill and didn’t start on time but finished at it’s proper end time…whaaaat!!

An attendee at the New York performance of the Bad Boy Reunion Tour took to the world wide web to voice his frustration with the tour and he wants his dang blasted money back because he feels the performance was a bust  Take a look:


photo credit: Bad Boy Entertainment

I’m so hurt by how much I didn’t enjoy the Bad Boy Reunion Concert. I literally cried upon purchasing my tickets. Growing up I was a massive fan of anything Bad Boy. The company signifies my childhood. So to have the opportunity to see them all on stage and to relive amazing memories was exciting for me. Puffy really played New York City. I can’t believe that he came to the hometown of Biggie and enticed us with the idea of turning up for Biggie just to drop the ball so miserably! How are you too cheap the pay for the whole sound system and in return leaving half the audience to guess the songs? Like LITERALLY, the upper level of guest were guessing the songs because there were no speakers on our level. People paid TOP DOLLAR just to sit in the room and you can’t respect our money enough to at least have speakers on up there? Do we really just not matter that much to you? Are we insignificant because we were on a higher level? I can’t speak for others but I paid $500 to be in that damn space. And the show sold out in minutes leaving me with no option but to purchase resale tickets which inflated the price pathetically. But like many others I was okay with that inflation just because I wanted to have the experience. Unfortunately I now wish I would have passed on this! Then, you put Jay Z as a member of the lineup but that was BULLSH*T. He performed one damn song!!!! That’s not apart of the lineup!!! That’s simply you using his name to pull his fan base. The ONLY time that venue went COMPLETELY out of control is when Jay came out. And Diddy kept saying his name without him on stage JUST to get a rise out of people. He used his name to pull MANY of the people that were in the audience. Myself included! Perhaps I would not be mad if he were not included as a member of the lineup. But, including him implies that there would be a full set like there was with everyone else and unfortunately that did NOT take place! Jay Z freaking performed 1 and a possible. This sh*t is not spades damn it! Can we talk about all the time Diddy spent on stage!!?? I swear the whole night was just to stroke Diddy’s ego. He spent more time on stage than ANYONE ELSE! More artists could have had more time instead of having to rush through songs if he weren’t being a f–king stage whore! I didn’t pay to see the Diddy show. I honestly paid for everyone else. And sadly, the person I am least interested in, French Montana, was one of the highlights as his set was one of the smoothest and uninterrupted by Diddy! And it’s easy to make that happen with French as I don’t know what the hell he is saying on a clear day! So managing through the mumbling and unrecognizable words for just a second was comforting and familiar. And let’s not forget that Total had to walk off stage because their mic’ s didn’t work and the beginning of the show had ZERO sound! Did I also mention that Kim had to lip sync because her mic didn’t work? Diddy himself was on stage with a DEAD F–KING MIC. All because he wanted to use his OWN production team that SUCKED!

I want my money back and I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure that happens. I paid for my sister and I to have an amazing experience. Instead we had to make due with what we had and we didn’t have much! How is the show scheduled from 8pm to 12:30am, you start at 10 but still end at the scheduled time? I need so many answers Sway! So f–k what we paid for right? F–K THE WHOLE HALF OF A SHOW THAT WE WERE MISSING RIGHT? We are suppose to just be happy with what we had even though we were paying top dollar for drinks and food and got a shit ass show! Just f–k our money as long as it is going to you right? Diddy disrespected NYC! And I think the one thing that is bothering me the most is that so many people were leaving and complaining but I wake up to all these “Amazing” post via social media about how epic of a night it was. Why is no one telling the truth? Is everyone really trying to impress their timeline so much that they are willing to lie and throw their money away to maintain image? Are you kidding me? Oh…. and wtf happened to the Biggie hologram that the Barclay staff was telling everyone that was coming out at midnight???? So many people stayed just because they were hoping to get SOMETHING out of the night but like the rest of the show there was nothing but disappointment! Now, lets make something clear. The show may have been amazing for the people lower down who actually had speakers. But for those who didn’t, like myself, yea, we missed the show! We spent half of our experience trying to guess the songs and informing the people around us of what song it was followed by responses of, “Oooohhhhhhhhh”! And honestly, in the moment, all we could do is laugh. We laughed loud and hard because we just couldn’t believe it. It was a sh*t show from the upper level. And if no one else has enough self respect to say it I will! DIDDY PLAYED THE F–K OUT OF US JUST TO GET OUR MONEY. AND WITH ALL THE MONEY WE SPENT YOU STILL COULDN’T RESPECT US ENOUGH TO AT LEAST PAY FOR THE BARCLAY SOUND SYSTEM. YOU DRAGGED YOUR OWN AND FAILED MISERABLY!!! And now, after you used NYC as your test monkey’s and pulled the most money out of us, we have to watch you go to other cities and fix everything you did wrong to us and give them a better show than we got! I’m thoroughly disgusted and hurt. I was robbed of an amazing experience! The highlight of the night for me was bonding with the other fans searching for their fix of nostalgia. We danced, we rapped, we b*tched, we sang and in true NYC style, we made the best of what was offered to us. I’m a avid concert goer and as such, I know that this was a huge let down! ~ Unheard Voices

Clearly this person is beyond the brink of pisstivity and he is not going to stop until he gets some resolution. Do you blame him? EarHustle411 wants to know your thoughts about this and answer this question: Have you ever paid an insane amount of money for a concert and were highly disappointed and what’s the most you would pay to see your favorite artist?

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