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Bad Batch Of Heroin Is The Cause Of 74 Overdoses In The Last 72 Hours In Chicago

EarHustle411 is extremely discourages by this information.  The supposed “war on drugs” is not working and has not been working since it was started.  There are more drugs in the communities than at the darn drug store.  I was reported that 74 people in Chicago overdosed on a bad batch of heroin.  It is not known where the batch came from.  Our communities and the residents of Chicago are truly in need of a healing and prayers for peace are desperately needed.

Read more as reported by ABC:

over dose

CHICAGO (WLS) — Seventy-four people have overdosed on heroin in the past 72 hours, Chicago officials said.

The bad batch of heroin may have been laced with the painkiller Fentanyl, officials said.

Dr. Tarlan Hedayati at Stroger Hospital is alarmed because the standard treatment for heroin overdoses isn’t immediately working.

“Typically if it’s given by the paramedics, we may not need to give it again in the emergency department. But we’re noticing we were giving more in the emergency department to these patients,” Dr. Hedayati said.

The DEA is helping police try to track down the source of the bad batch of drugs.

Source: ABC

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