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“Back To The Future” Car Lawsuit Hits A Snag

Fans of the Back To The Future franchise should be appalled!! The DeLorean is the lone thing that makes the BTTF movies great.  All of us who adore the films absolutely LOVE the car that has transported “virtually” transported us with Marty and Doc.  It’s a shame that a company would use the likeness  of the famous car without permission.

Read more about the lawsuit as reported by KHOU 11:


NEWARK, N.J. (AP) – A settlement in a lawsuit over the car used in the 1985 film “Back to the Future” is proving difficult.

The widow of automaker John DeLorean last year sued a Houston-area company she said has been illegally using the DeLorean name for years.

The sleek DMC-12, known simply as “the DeLorean,” was driven by Michael J. Fox in the movie and has gained a cult following.

The parties in the lawsuit reached a preliminary settlement in June, but an attorney for Sally DeLorean says in a letter to a judge this week that the company’s lawyers are trying to change the settlement. Terms haven’t been disclosed.

In a letter Thursday, the company denied the allegations and said it just wants language that will ensure it isn’t sued in the future.

Source: KHOU 11

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